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Independent Living Skills Training

  • Individuals interested in the Adult classes must have a disability and completed high school.

The classes offered at MHCIL are:


Independent Living Skills The independent living skills class is aimed at increasing self-reliance and self-confidence in the home. The course will consist of:

  • Kitchen Equipment, Safety, and Cleanliness
  • Nutrition
  • Hygiene
  • Laundry
  • Cooking


Money Management
The Money Management class is aimed at teaching individuals with disabilities to learn the important skills of budgeting, banking, and savings in order to have a successful independent living experience. The course will consist of:

    • The Concepts of Money
    • ¬†Balancing a Budget
    • Principles of Checking and Savings Account
    • Check Writing Practice, Deposit Slip Practice, and Checkbook Practice.


Computer Training
The basic computer class will teach basic computer skills that employers are looking for in potential employees. The curriculum is Microsoft base and it will review programs such as Word, Power Point, and Excel. The course will consist of:

    • Parts and Function of The Computer
    • Familiarizing with Computer Software/Programs
    • Emails
    • Exploring the Internet


Job Readiness
The Job Readiness class will teach individuals how to prepare and search for employment, as well as the skills necessary to maintain employment. The course will consist of:

    • Making short and long term career goals
    • Identify transferable work skills
    • Using Labor MarketInformation
    • Filling out employment applications
    • Preparing Resumes
    • Work Place Behaviors
    • Mock Interviews


Travel Training
The travel training class will teach individuals with disabilities how to utilize community resources by learning how to ride the current transit system in Galveston County.  The travel training course will provide:

    • Information regarding pick up locations and how to utilize the demand response system.
    • Awareness of routes and connectivity between transportation providers.
    • Information on park and ride systems for access to healthcare and community locations.
    • Training to access job opportunities.