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Individual Rights


Wheelchair_1960_19088215_0_0_4002254_300There are several people with disabilities who do not know when the American Disabilities Act was passed, what the Americans with Disabilities Act say, what disabilities are covered under the ADA, and how does the ADA define disability. Some people with disabilities are unaware of their rights to live independently and may not know where or how to search for the answer. As advocates of MHCIL we ensure the individuals with disabilities and the surrounding community gain knowledge of their rights.


Listed below is important information that everyone needs to know. Please click on the links below to read the information. If there are any additional questions, you may contact us.



What is the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities?

In existence since 1949, the Texas Governor’s Committee on People with Disabilities (GCPD) works toward a state where people with disabilities have the opportunity to enjoy full and equal access to lives of independence, productivity, and self-determination. The Governor appoints twelve members to serve on the Committee, seven of whom must be people with disabilities. Representatives from six state agencies serve as ex officio or advisory members; the Committee meets about four times per year.

The GCPD makes recommendations on disability issues to the Governor and Legislature; promotes compliance with disability-related laws; promotes a network of local communities/committees doing similar work; and recognizes employers and media for employing and positively depicting Texans with Disabilities.  To learn more, visit our web site at:


Schools Warned On Speech Services For Kids With Autism


States Urged To Promote Competitive Employment



Voting Rights Resources


How to File a Complaint with the Texas Education Agency


Americans with Disabilities Act Questions and Answers


Social Security Disability Resource Center