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Megan Turner



Dickinson High School is excited to be involved with the high school collaboration program with Mounting Horizons. This program has been wonderful with assisting with the generalization of various skills. The latest was the independent living skills that helped the students generalize financial information, knowledge and skills.

Ms. Jessica Osborne, Independent Living Skills Coordinator, assisted our students with generalizing information about real-life banking and financial skills they will need for their future. Mounting Horizons was able to take our DHS students to the ACU credit union. While there we were there, our students we able to have real live customer interaction experiences. Ms. Osborne was very thorough in setting this experience up for our students and I feel that it will be an invaluable life lesson.

During this experience, we were welcomed by the ACU Credit Union staff and we were able to utilize the skills that that Ms. Osborne had worked so hard to help our students learn for their future. From being part of this experience is very obvious that Ms. Osborne has been diligent and setting up this real life experience for the of generalization for students. We are so lucky to be involved in this wonderful program called Mounting Horizons. I truly feel that this is a extremely valuable experience for my students to assist them in becoming as independent as possible.

Megan Turner
Structured Learning Teacher
Community Vocational Learning

Megan Turner-Dickinson-HS-Success-Letter